Monday, October 12, 2020

Listen Up and Support Your Local Indies

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I love audiobooks. I listen when I'm exercising, cleaning my house (the only way I can get myself to do it sometimes), and driving. Sometimes the bulk of my reading is happening through audiobooks and it's always awesome when I find audiobooks that are so good they motivate me to do the things I need to do so I can keep listening. 

My newest audiobook fixation is Have you tried it? I love because they offer a great selection, they support librarians with their Audiobook Listening Copies program, AND they support independent bookstores with every purchase. 

If you're new to, use the promo code ABBYLIBRARIAN to get 2 credits for the price of 1. Monthly credits are $14.99/month and this code will give you 2 credits for that price instead of 1. This is my first ever promo code! It has my name in it! That's how much I am loving for audiobooks. 

You can stick with a monthly membership or you can also purchase individual audiobooks on I used this to purchase several popular titles about race this summer when holds lists were at their peak. I didn't have to make a huge commitment but got quick access to the titles I wanted and supported a Black-owned bookstore. When you make your purchases (or when you're charged your monthly membership fee), the independent bookstore you chose receives half the profits. They partner with stores all over the country. 

Try it out and keep them in mind for the upcoming gift giving season. They offer gift memberships in a range of prices and with everything going on right now, even your most voracious print readers may need something a little different this year. 

Are you an audiobook listener? Have you tried