Saturday, April 20, 2019

#MiddleGradeMay Announcement and TBR!

It's that time of year again: time for #MiddleGradeMay, the month when we read Middle Grade! I'm so thrilled to be co-hosting again with the wonderful booktuber Akoss who has our official announcement here:

Be sure to click through to her YouTube channel for tons of middle grade reviews and lots of other great stuff.

You can play along, too! All you have to do is read middle grade books this month and post/tweet/video about them during May. Use the hashtag #MiddleGradeMay so we can all find your stuff.

This year we're challenging you to choose a genre that's outside of what you normally read and dive in. However, we're super laid back - this month is just all about discovering and enjoying middle grade lit.

I am kinda cheating because my "genre" is going to be catching up on 2019 books and reading ahead some upcoming 2019 galleys, inspired by all the lovely folks who participate in the Early Word Galley Chat YA/MG (check out the hashtag #ewgcya to see!). But the good news is that there is no cheating since we're laid back. ;)

I've come up with a TBR pile that I'll attempt to tackle. I'm hoping I can read 10 books this month, but WE'LL SEE. And this is subject to change, of course. Here are some of the books on my TBR pile (not pictured are a ton of digital galleys that I will choose from, too!).

Will you be reading along with us this month? What books or genres are on your #MiddleGradeMay TBR list?