Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reading Resolutions

Photo used under Creative Commons license
As 2010 is winding down, I know I'm not alone in thinking about some goals for 2011.  And I do have three reading resolutions for this coming year!

1.  I've signed up again for the Debut Authors Challenge, as hosted by The Story Siren.  I had such fun participating last year that I signed up right away for this year.  The goal of the challenge is to read and review twelve 2011 YA or Middle Grade debut novels, but my personal goal is 25.  (I know, I said 20 in my sign-up post, but I think I can do 25!)

2.  I'd like to read more adult books this year.  I said that last year and it didn't really end up happening, but I'm saying it again this year.  Sarah at GreenBean TeenQueen sent out a plea for book recommendations for adult titles and going through my LibraryThing records reminded me many of the great adult titles I've read.  I don't want to miss them!  So even though there's constant pressure to be reading something I can blog about, I need to make time for adult books, too.  And that leads us to...

3.  I'm resolving to remember that this blog is a hobby, not a job and that I read and blog because I love it, not because publishers/authors/blog readers are expecting me to post reviews.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy working with publishers and authors (I do!  Y'all rock!), but just to say that when I am stressed out and I want to read an adult book instead of a bloggable book or - gasp - even reread a book, it's okay.  And, also, to remember that these reading resolutions are for fun, too.  So if I don't end up reading a ton of adult books, that's okay, too. :)

There are my reading resolutions!  What about you?  Anyone have any reading resolutions this year?  Or blogging resolutions?