Friday, December 3, 2010

Around the Interwebs

CC: RonAlmog
Happy Hanukkah!  Celebrate by picking up some great Hanukkah books, as recommended by Margo of The Fourth Musketeer

Speaking of gift-giving holidays, MotherReader shares a bunch of ways to wrap a book.  (You also won't want to miss her 105 ways to give a book.)   

The ladies at STACKED give us ten truths about blogging.  Which ones resonate with you? 

Hey, New York librarians!  Want to blog about it?  Urban Librarians Unite is soliciting submissions on a variety of topics.  If you've got something to say, here's your chance! 

Medallion Press has a new imprint, Ya-Ya, which will publish “young adults writing for young adults."  Seems to be a growing trend, eh?  Thanks to Leila of bookshelves of doom for the link. 

And Chad Beckerman's got a really neat post about the making of the book cover for Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes by Lisa Greenwald.  I love peeks into the process.  Um, and those yummy cookie photos?  They are making me hungry... :) Thanks to Travis at 100 Scope Notes for the link. 

Want to know what books kids are into?  Check out the hold shelves!  Travis of 100 Scope Notes is soliciting photos of your school and children's library hold shelves for an ongoing series.  Check out his first roundup: On Hold @ the Library: November '10

Go you have games at your library?  If your collection might need a little updating, check out posts by Franki at A Year of Reading where she talks about several games she has in her school library: Pentago, math games, Gobblet Gobblers and Square Up, and two Bingo games.    

Librarians, what do you wear to work?  If you've ever been curious about the dress codes in different types of libraries across the country, you're in luck!  Check out Librarian Wardrobe, a blog that features photos of real librarians' work outfits.

ALSC members, don't forget to submit your nominations for the Children's Notables lists!  Nominations for titles to be considered for these lists will be accepted until December 10 (that's a week from today), so make sure you get 'em in.