Sunday, June 13, 2010

In which I am challenged

So Michelle over at GalleySmith posted a response to my post about the Summer Reading Club and it got me thinking. See, when I lived in the Chicago area, my home library had a Summer Reading Club for adults. It wasn't a big deal - I think you read 5 or 10 books and you got a t-shirt and your name entered in a prize drawing. But I participated because I know that libraries like it when patrons participate. And it was nice for me, too, because it gave me that little push to read adult books. A lot of the time, adult books get shoved to the bottom of the pile because I don't review 'em on this blog.

My home library here does not have a Summer Reading Club for adults*, but that doesn't mean I can't challenge myself! 

Michelle's challenging herself to read 20 books or 1000 pages between June 15 and September 15.

I'm going to challenge myself to read (or listen to) at least six adult books by the end of August.

How about you? Any reading challenges you want to tackle this summer?

PS: I promise this isn't a ploy to get people to leave comments, but I just installed Intense Debate, a new commenting system that allows for reply-to-comments, so if you check it out, tell me how you like it. (It's free! And super easy to install!) Many thanks to Sarah of YA Librarian Tales for alerting me to its existence!

*Actually the library in which I work does have a SRC for adults, but I don't believe staff are eligible.