Friday, June 4, 2010

48-Hour Book Challenge - Starting Line!

Well, it's finally here - the 5th Annual 48-Hour Book Challenge!! (Want to sign up? There's still time!)

My time will run from 7:15pm Friday to 7:15pm Sunday and I'm aiming for at least 24 hours of reading and blogging time (but my secret goal is 30 hours). I have to go in to work for a few hours tomorrow for our Summer Reading Club kickoff, but other than that I am free to read and blog all weekend!

I've got a huge stack of books to choose from, but here are the ones I'm considering first:

(Also note the couch, which will make this year's challenge MUCH more pleasant than last year's, I think...)

I'll be checking in throughout the challenge and I'm hoping to read and comment on others' blog posts more than I did last year. Those supportive comments really help! So, on that note I'm off to do some reading!

Good luck to all of you doing the challenge this year and I'll see you in a bit! :)