Sunday, May 16, 2010

BEA Bound

I apologize to those readers not going to BEA (because I know how much that twinges - I went through it last year, which is why I made plans to attend BEA this year), but I'm going to take a minute here and send a shout-out to bloggers who are going to BEA next week. (If you're not able to come to BEA this year, do check out Armchair BEA!)

I will be there. Who else will be there? Can we arrange to get together?

ETA: I guess another good question to ask is how can we get in touch at the conference? I'm not going to post my phone number to the entire interwebs, but if you want my cell# so you can shoot me a text or something at the conference, just let me know! 

I now know that I was ridiculous when I attended the ALA Exhibits last year and I was all like "Hey, come find me! I'll be at the exhibits!". It was huge! And there's no way you could just FIND someone. (Although I did run into GreenBean TeenQueen and Wendy of Six Boxes of Books and I spotted Susan of Booklights from afar.) I'm still trying to work out some kind of feathered tiara or something so that I will be instantly recognizable.

I can tell you that I get into NYC Tuesday afternoon and I leave Thursday afternoon, so it'll be a whirlwind trip for me. (I'm so bummed to miss Book Blogger Con, I can't even tell you... but I bought  plane tickets before it was announced. Next year I will plan for it!) I am planning on attending Wednesday night's KidLit Drink Night and I believe my traveling companions and I will be hitting up Books of Wonder at some point.

(By the way, my traveling companions are Jen of NerdGirlBlogging and Kelly and Kimberly of Stacked.)

This is my first time attending BEA and I'm super excited. Drop me a comment if you're going to be there and let's figure out when/where we can meet up!