Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last week, I posted at the ALSC Blog about our afterschool storytimes...

Yesterday, I visited one of the Afterschool sites and did my normal thing. This evening, one of the kids from yesterday's school came in, slapped his brand new library card down on the desk, and said "I haven't been here since I was six! I'm nine now and I just got a new library card!"

Those are words to warm a librarian's heart, let me tell you. :)

How Big Is It? by Ben Hillman has been a HUGE FREAKING HIT with all the kids. We don't read it verbatim, but just show a few of the pictures (5-10 of the spreads, depending on how into it they are) and read them a few of the facts. They love it. And I was able to hand my friend with the new library card How Fast Is It? and How Weird Is It?