Friday, September 16, 2011

Around the Interwebs

(Now that summer's over, I'm trying to get back into my posting routine and regularly posting link roundups on Fridays. Can you tell?)

What did Mrs. ReaderPants do to her school library to increase circulation by nearly 100%? She (with the help of many others) arranged her library by genre! Regrettably, I don't think this would work with my fairly large public library collection, but I think it's a great idea for a school library and I can see why the kids like it! In fact, I'm inspired to create some genre displays... if I can find some wall or end-shelf space around here somewhere... hmmm...

Speaking of displays, Anne at so tomorrow gives us a Year's Worth of Library Display Ideas and Display Ideas for Any Time. Also, don't forget about Kelly's Display This feature at Stacked for lots of great teen display ideas (and book lists!). And Katie at Book Blather often posts about her fabulously creative and artistic teen book displays (most recently a book-to-movie display). If you don't have tons of shelf space (like I don't) for book displays, check out what Mr. Schu's done with posters, book covers, and his library's walls. Here is a man who knows his way around a laminator.

Ahh, reading levels... If you work with elementary school kids, no doubt you've had requests from frustrated parents wishing you would just label the darn books with the reading levels already! If you're fighting the good fight against that, AASL has your back with their Position Statement on Labeling Books with Reading Levels. I'd add to this statement that for public libraries, it's impossible to include level stickers for every possible leveling system. Your books would be nothing but stickers! Thanks to Travis at 100 Scope Notes for the link.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as a board book? What do you think of that?

And KidLitCon is going on RIGHT NOW!!! If you, like me, are not in fabulous Seattle kickin' it with all the amazing KidLit bloggers, be sure to follow the #kidlitcon hashtag and the @kidlitcon official feed. I AM SURE PEOPLE WILL BE TWEETING THE CON, RIGHT?

That's all for me this week... If you're at KidLitCon, I hope you're having an amazing time! I wish I was there with you! Hopefully I will be next year!