Friday, September 9, 2011

Around the Interwebs

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Y'all, it's been way too long since I posted some links for you... Let's see what I have here... (Um. Some of these links are kind of old, but they're still awesome posts!)

I completely missed Laurie Halse Anderson's Write 15 Minutes a Day challenge in August this year, but that doesn't mean you can't go back and catch up on her posts. If you're looking for writing advice or inspiration, this is a series of posts you won't want to miss! I will definitely be digging into her posts for writing prompt ideas for my teen literary lounge programs this fall.

If you've ever had trouble convincing colleagues that Twitter is worth the effort (I know I have), just show 'em this awesome If you were on Twitter list by Scott McLeod. Link via the fabulous Buffy Hamilton.

Wanna know how to do an author visit right at your school? Just ask Mr. Schu. Seriously, his kids are so lucky to have him! (Authors and us librarians are lucky to have him, too.)

'Tis the season for schools that have field trip budgets to bring classes of kids to the library for tours. Marge at Tiny Tips for Library Fun has some ideas about how to jazz up library tours!

Speaking of the season, it's hard to believe, but really October is right around the corner and Halloween's coming right up. It's time to make sure your library's well-stocked on scary books and here's a fabulous list of YA/MG horror novels from Mrs. ReaderPants.

Maria Kramer over at The Hub shared "four commandments for making religion in teen books work". Religion is definitely an issue that teens are exploring. Awhile back, Kelly at Stacked posted a stellar list of teen books dealing with religion and spirituality.
Hey, did I mention that I'm Skyping into a panel at KidLitCon? I'm sad that I'm not able to actually attend the conference, but Skyping in is the next best thing, right? If you've attending, please come see our panel - Going Deep: The Hows and Whys of Blogging Critically. My fellow panelists are Kelly from Stacked, Julia from Spine Label, and Janssen from Everyday Reading. If you're not attending, we'll have links up to the handout/material, um, sometime. :)