Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Reading Club (Week 3)

View of our prize boxes
Heh. You may have noticed that this blog has been relatively quiet this week. Can you guess that our summer programs started this week? Starting this week, we've got programs nearly every day (often multiple programs on the same day) until the end of July. And with one person on vacation this week... we were a little busy, which means I was a little exhausted when I got home each night.

Still, everything went smoothly and we've had lots of people coming in for programs, so that is always great. I started Mother Goose on the Loose up again, which is awesome because I missed my babies. I also held the first meeting for our Teen Literary Magazine and it was even more awesome than I thought it was going to be. (Post on that coming up later...)

Here's our complete list of programs for the week:

Monday - Monday matinee movie. We have a movie license and we encourage patrons to bring their own snacks.
Tuesday - Mother Goose on the Loose and Toddler Time in the morning, the wonderful Cynthia Changaris, storyteller, in the afternoon.
Wednesday - Mother Goose on the Loose and Toddler Time in the morning, Teen Literary Magazine in the afternoon
Thursday - Family Storytime in the morning, Teen Gaming in the afternoon
Friday - Open Art Studio
Saturday - Bi-lingual Spanish/English storytime

And of course, we're still signing kids up for the Summer Reading Club and checking them in as they complete their reading logs. Our bulletin board is going like gangbusters with reviews of some of the books we've recommended and some that kids have found on their own (super!).

I have noticed a bunch of posts about Summer Reading Clubs popping up, which I think is awesome! I love seeing what other libraries are doing and it's so interesting to see how libraries come up with different ideas using the same themes!

Check out: Katie's post at Read What You Know, Jessica's post at Musings + Teen Librarian, Jen's post at NerdGirl Blogging, and Mollie's post at Miss Mollie's Storytime Fun. Don't miss Miss Julie's frank post about why she hates Summer Reading.

Has anyone else posted about your Summer Reading Club? I'd love to collect the links and check out your Summer Reading Club is run. Drop me a link in the comments so I can do a roundup!