Thursday, June 9, 2011

Light and Round

CC: Alibri
In response to this weekend's Wall Street Journal Fail, blogger Jennifer Bertman has created the Light and Round Project. The basic idea is that she will host a weekly roundup of reviews of YA books that are the opposite of "dark and edgy" (light and round, get it?) in order to showcase the wide variety of YA titles available.

In Jenn's own words:

To give up on contemporary YA altogether would be missing out on the rich variety of writing that is out there. The perception that there's no variety in YA isn't true. Dark and edgy may be popular, and it absolutely deserves its spot on the shelf, but there are plenty of options and variety for people who are seeking something different.
But the problem is, how to find it? You can be looking in a crowded cupboard for salt, and someone can tell you the salt is there, but if you can't see the salt yourself you won't be able to pull it off the shelf.

So I propose something I'm calling. . .


Of course we know that sometimes teens want or need books that are "dark and edgy". But it's true that sometimes teens want something else. The purpose of this project is not to put down books that deal with heavy issues, but to give more exposure to titles that are a little lighter. Let's come together to create a weekly book list that shows the incredible titles teens have to choose from when they don't want something dark.

Jenn's going to host a weekly roundup on Wednesdays (and older reviews are fair game), so make sure you head on over there to submit your link(s).