Friday, July 30, 2010

Around the interwebs

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 cover and title revealed!! The book is slated to be released November 9. Thanks to Travis of 100 Scope Notes for the link.

And speaking of massive book releases, have you seen the Mockingjay book trailer?

And you won't want to miss the Hunger Games Facebook page! See beautiful international covers, test your trivia knowledge, and send gifts to your friends. Oh, August 24, where are you?!

Ohhhh, it's funny because it's true: check out Jen's Ballad of a Children's Librarian. (I would like to state for the record that tomorrow is the last day of our Summer Reading Club and so far, I'm still alive...)

So you want to be a teen librarian? Check out this post where Sarah of Green Bean Teen Queen tells you what it takes.

This has been all over the (librarian) interwebs, so maybe you've seen it: a New Jersey library pulled a GLBTQ anthology from its shelves without a formal complaint (there was an informal request to pull the book), citing "child pornography". Censorship is the pits. LIBRARIANS censoring books just breaks my heart. If anyone's fighting for the right of every person to read what he or she wants, it should be librarians.

Earlier this week, I reviewed a book that tells the story of Anne Frank from a different point of view. Now, thanks to Super Librarian, I found out that Anne Frank's diary is going to be made into a graphic novel. There is a graphic version of Anne Frank's diary already published, but this will be the first one authorized by the Anne Frank House. Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography will be released Sept. 14.

This is just hilarious:

Thanks to bookshelves of doom for pointing me to that bit of awesome.

And that's all she wrote. Today, anyway. Have a great weekend!
OH. And tune in tomorrow for a fabulous end-of-summer-reading giveaway!