Friday, July 9, 2010

Around the interwebs

Let's see... what links do I have for you this week? 

Parents of kids ages 3-12, this is for you! Researchers at the University of Connecticut are studying "parental motivations when purchasing illustrated children's books". All you have to do to take part is to fill out a brief survey (and as a bonus, you can elect to enter a drawing for a $25.00 iTunes gift card).

Ever wondered what exactly goes into setting up a publisher booth at the ALA Exhibits? Even if you've never wondered, check out this post from the Mac Kids Blog: Behind the Scenes at ALA. I had no idea how much work went into setting up those beautiful booths at the exhibits!

Speaking of ALA, what do we think about graphic novels and the Newbery? Is it time for an ALA graphic novel (or illustrated novel) award? Or should the Newbery criteria be tweaked to give books like Countdown a better shot at being recognized? 

Those of you taking part in Kristi's 2010 Debut Author Challenge will be interested in the post from On Our Minds @ Scholastic introducing you to their newest debuts

School media folk, do you know about the Elementary Library Routines Wiki? Check out this site for school library curricula from all over the country. Public librarians will want to check out this site, too. What ideas might translate into programs for your homeschoolers or for kids whose schools might not have a librarian on staff? 

Are you reading the blog Forever Young Adult? If not, oh you should start. I loves it so. Start with How to Judge a YA Book by Its Cover and Find Your "Hunger Games" Name. By the way, my Hunger Games name is Rusmet N. Sleepapple.