Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coming Soon: 12 Days of Giving

So, I'm starting to work on another round of Twelve Days of Giving posts, featuring posts that tell you what books to buy for the readers on your holiday giving lists. I've got some ideas, but I could use your help.

Who are you buying books for this holiday season? Who would you like me to recommend some books for? What age kids are you buying for? What are they interested in?

ETA: Example - when I asked this question of a friend of mine she said she's buying for a precocious 2.5-year-old and a dramatic 6-year-old. Those are the kind of details I can work with!

Check out the 2008 Twelve Days of Giving to see what I've already done and then let me know who you're buying for this holiday season.

Look for the 2009 Twelve Days of Giving starting the day after Thanksgiving (if I get my act together) or December 1 (if I don't get my act together).