Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goodbye, Prairie State!

I have some exciting/sad news, y'all.

I have really enjoyed my time at the Barrington Library, but May 8 will be my last day there. I have accepted a position at a library in Southern Indiana and I'm in the process of relocating to Louisville, KY (which is where I grew up, where my family is, etc.).

I am very sad to leave some of the best coworkers east of the Mississippi (and probably west of it, too). I'm sad to leave my lovely library and this wonderfully library-rich community that is the Chicago suburbs.

But I am excited to live close to my family and to start a job with wonderful new coworkers and some very different challenges.

What does this mean for this blog?

Not a whole lot. I'll still be posting book reviews, library programs, storytimes, days-in-the-life, and my thoughts about books and libraries. I probably won't be reporting on the Caudill nominees/awards (though it's very possible you may see some posts about the Young Hoosier Book Awards).

And I'll be taking a hiatus for the next couple of weeks. I promise I'll be back and I probably won't stop posting entirely, but posting may be sporadic as I, y'know, pack up my entire life and move to a different state. I'll also be catching up on my TBR pile and writing reviews. The hiatus should by over by around May 18 (which is when I start my new job) and I'll have some great reviews and posts for you to read.

I'll definitely be responding to emails, reading your blogs, and keeping any bloggity commitments I've already made. Thanks, as always, for reading my blog and for bearing with me during this short break. Maybe I'll have to have a fantastic giveaway or two when I get back to make it up to you... hmm.. :)

Goodbye, Prairie State, and Hello, Bluegrass! (Also, hi, Hoosiers!)

ETA (April 29): I would very much like to get back to Chicago for ALA this summer, but I don't know yet if that's a possibility (what with being the new kid at my new job and all). I'll try my darndest to get up there at least for the weekend and I'd very much like to meet up with any bloggers I can!