Sunday, April 19, 2009

Battle of the (Kids') Books: Second Round Picks

Well, there were certainly some surprises in Round 1 (but this wouldn't be fun if there weren't any upsets, eh?). Let's see how we do for Round 2. You can find an updated bracket on the SLJ BOB Blog (link opens a PDF).

Match 1:
Octavian Nothing Vol. 2 vs. The Trouble Begins at 8, judged by Tim Wynne-Jones.
I honestly have no idea how this one will go, so I guess I have to go with my heart and say that I hope Trouble wins.

Match 2:
Chains vs. Tender Morsels, judged by Coe Booth.
Again, I have no idea (they're so different!), but my heart wishes for Chains to win. (I have it going all the way!)

Match 3:
We Are the Ship vs. The Hunger Games, judged by John Green.
Ohhh, John Green. Please pick The Hunger Games!

Match 4:
Graceling vs. The Lincolns, judged by Nancy Werlin.
I can only hope that Ms. Werlin's recent foray into fantasy was a positive one. I did like The Lincolns and I've stated several times that Candace Fleming is adorable, but I'm rooting for Katsa in Graceling. (Wouldn't it be great to have a Katsa/Katniss showdown?!)