Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Blog Blast Tour

Today's the kick-off for the 2008 Summer Blog Blast Tour and you won't want to miss it. Colleen over at Chasing Ray is organizing and it looks to be fabulous. Already I've learned about R.L. LaFevers's new Theodosia book due out in November (yay!) and Adam Rex's sequel to Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich: Frankenstein Takes the Cake (also yay!). (And I know one coworker's daughter who will be Very Happy to hear about the new Adam Rex.) Different interviews will be up all week long, so make sure you stop by.

Annnd to flesh out this post, I'm doing a meme that Melissa tagged me for awhile ago. I will present 6 incredibly random things about myself:

1. I started my first website when I was in high school. It was on Angelfire and it was called Abby's Place. A guy from the local newspaper wrote an article about kids with websites and he interviewed me for it, but the day the article came out Angelfire crashed and I lost my entire site. It was a bummer.

2. I wrote my first book in Kindergarten for the Young Author's contest. It was about an owl and my teacher helped me cut out pages in the shape of an owl's head.

3. When I worked for a major corporate bookstore chain, I got to dress up in the book character costumes that came to the store. I was Spot, Miss Spider, Froggy, and Clifford. It's not that it's so hot in there, really, but more that it's hard to breathe and it smells bad. It's worth it, though, for how excited the kids get.

4. When my brother and I were little, the whole family would read Richard Scarry books at bedtime and we'd all try to find Lowly Worm and Goldbug on the pages.

5. I totally had a literary crush on Johnny Tremain in the fifth grade.

6. When I was in middle school, I had over 70 pen pals from all around the world. I had a map in my room with pins that showed each pal's location and I would get up to 10 letters a day. It was awesome getting so much mail, but somewhere along the line I lost touch with every single one of them. I think I still have folders full of their letters at my parents' house, though.

There. Now you know some incredibly random things about me. I'm not so into the tagging people thing, so if you want to do this meme, consider yourself tagged. If not, no harm, no foul.