Thursday, May 25, 2017

Science Activity Packs Revisited

A few years ago when the CSLP theme was about science, my staff and I developed Science Activity Packs as a summer reading prize. Instead of rewarding reading with plastic toys and junk, we elected to give kids the supplies to do a fun science activity at home.

We only used those one year because we have since been able to go to giving everyone a free book at the end of the summer.

BUT NOW THEY'RE BACK! This year, we've revamped a little bit and we're trying some along-the-way prizes in order to encourage families to make multiple visits to the library and to help encourage kids to stick with the program and complete the reading to earn their free book. (Side note: we're hoping for lots of newbies to our program this year since we're taking Summer Reading into lots of our neighborhoods this year. More on that later!)

We did recycle one of our ideas from 2014, but we have some brand new Science Activity Packs to share and I will be posting about them in the upcoming days (complete with the printable instructions, which I know lots of you have asked me about!). As I get those blog posts up, I will link here so you have the complete list.

**ETA: Unfortunately, I don't have the drive space to upload the instruction sheets, so I am no longer able to provide them. 

2017 Science Activity Packs:
Of course, I do not mind if you borrow any of these ideas, but it's actually not super difficult to come up with your own Science Activity Packs.

And these can definitely be used as prizes or take-homes, but a lot of these activities may be fun to build programs around. If you're looking for some fun, cheap science activities to do with your students or the kids at your library, these may work for you (or be tweaked to work for you).

Have you tried Science Activity Packs at your library or something similar? I would love to know what ideas you have!