Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Science Activity Pack: Parachutes

Science Activity Packs are back at my library this year! For the full list of the activity packs we're offering, click here!

Source: Deceptively Educational: DIY Parachutes

In this pack, we included:

  • 1 small plastic cup with holes punched in the sides near the top
  • 1 plastic bag square (we cut up garbage bags)
  • 4 lengths of yarn
  • 1 instruction sheet
On the back of the instruction sheet, we included some information about the science of parachutes and the following extension activities: 

  • What happens if you put something heavy in the cup? Something light?
  • What happens if you let the parachute go from different heights? 
  • Does size matter? Can you make a smaller parachute? Does it fall differently?