Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yes, One Thing at a Time

Janssen Bradshaw of the lovely blog Everyday Reading wrote this post yesterday about taking one thing at a time and I have been thinking about it ever since. Since I read that post, I have been noticing all of the tasks that get in the way of all the other tasks throughout my day. I am definitely guilty of starting something and noticing something else that needs doing and switching gears way too often.

Right now, I'm moving into a new house and planning a wedding, in addition to, y'know, working full time. As I type this, I have five tabs open on my browser. One is Janssen's post so I could link it, but I also have GoodReads, my email, and Facebook open.

I often feel like I should be available, like I should have my email open constantly and be willing to stop what I'm doing and work on everything all at once. And really, is that the most productive way to tackle projects? Is it the most pleasant?

Because feeling like I'm constantly in the middle of a thousand little things is actually not the most pleasant feeling, now that I stop and think about it.

I can definitely slow down and be more purposeful about my tasks throughout the day. My bullet journal is a great tool in this endeavor because I can always jot down tasks as I think of them and then tackle them later instead of in the middle of whatever I'm currently doing.

Maybe I'll actually finish a blog post instead of having ten drafts in various stages (or mostly in my head, truthfully)...

So, here's to slowing down a bit. And taking it "one thing at a time".

(PS: Nine months in and I am still going strong with the bullet journal! I am now on my second notebook and my awesome fiance and my mom have bought me tons of colorful washi tape! I love it!)