Monday, April 11, 2011

You Don't Get To Vote on Your Mom

Awhile back, we talked about how ALA is not your mom. Well, here's yet another way that ALA is not your mom: you don't get to vote on your mom, and ALA members can vote on the ALA ballots.

So, please vote.

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for - this post is not about campaigning.

But this is your chance to change the association without leaving the comfort of your home. Read the bios, read the professional statements, choose to vote for people whose interest align with your interests. If, say, you've hated every recent Printz Medal winner in recent years (doo de doo de dooo...), check out who's running for the Printz Committee and vote for people who sound like they might appreciate the  kind of books you like.

People, typically less than 25% of personal ALA members vote each year (according to Jenny Levine and Michael Golrick).


You don't get to pick your mom. But you do get to pick the president and councilors of your professional organization. This is your chance! Fill out your ALA ballot(s)! They're due by April 22.