Monday, April 5, 2010

In case you missed it...

Scholastic's Fall 2010 Librarian Preview Webcast is available on their site.

I am highly, highly in favor of preview webcasts continuing and growing in popularity. It was great fun (and highly educational) to watch. I learned that David Levithan is goofy and adorable. And also, Scholastic has a great number of awesome books coming out this fall. AND there was a special guest!!! (I'm not telling who it was... you'll have to watch the webcast to find out.)

The only thing missing was cute shoes... ;)

I really appreciate Scholastic making the librarian preview available to the (many) librarians who do not live in New York City. Okay, we didn't get to physically peruse the books, but it was enough information for me to find some titles I definitely want to order and some titles to put on my watch list. Very helpful. Yay Scholastic!

I hope they're continue to offer this webcast in future seasons and I hope that other publishers start doing it, too!