Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book Review: A Match Made in High School

A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker. Grades 9-12. Razorbill, February 2010. Reviewed from ARC provided by publisher.

**Spoiler alert! I, myself, am not too sensitive to spoilers, but just in case you are, I want to warn you that this review contains information that some might consider to be a spoiler.**

When all the seniors at Fiona's school are forced to take a marriage education class in which they are pretend-married, Fiona is horrified that she's partnered with uber-jock (and uber-jerk) Todd Harding. They're forced to do activities together outside of school and work together on projects for the class. To make matters worse, Todd's bitchy girlfriend (and Fiona's arch-enemy) Amanda is paired with Gabe, the guy Fiona's been crushing on for years. But just when Fiona thinks her senior year couldn't get any worse, she just might manage to turn it around. 

Ahhhh, the pink books. 
This is a pink book extraordinaire. In fact, it's my favorite kind of pink book - light and funny and fun, but with heart and a little substance. 

(Do you know what I mean when I say "pink book"? Basically, a light 'n fluffy chick lit read... usually romance, usually humorous.) 

My favorite thing about this book? Well, about a hundred pages in, I was ready to put the book down and pick up something else. Fiona was getting on my nerves. She was being completely self-centered and obnoxious and she was totally oblivious to everyone around her. And it turns out that that's the point. 

Imagine a comedic romance in which the protagonist realizes that she's being an ass and decides to turn things around, decides that she can change and actually follows through. Yeah. 

The other thing I really liked was that, while the plot was somewhat predictable, it wasn't totally predictable. I think there are a lot of ways the ending could have gone and I would have been completely happy with it. 

Also, I dug Fiona's snarky humor. 

So, if you like pink books, you won't want to miss this one. (And if you find yourself annoyed by unlikeable protagonists, power through!)

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A Match Made in High School is due out on February 4!


Kathy Martin said...

Oh, those pink books! They aren't my preferred genre but I have a devoted group of readers for them in my HS Media Center. This one goes on the list. Thanks,

Three Turtles and Their Pet Librarian said...

Same here - not a pink book fan at all, but I will bow to a sizeable portion of our patronage and make a card for this one anyways:)

Sarah said...

I'm excited for this book. I totally dig light and fluffy books. They keep me sane. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Ms. Yingling said...

Pink books! Exactly what I call them. The girls who like this genre can read a book a day. The Simon Pulse Romantic comedies (available in prebinds) are a good way to provide a lot of new, good pink books inexpensively.

AmyRDot said...

Where would I be without pink books?! They're my reading choice when I fly, because for some reason I can never read anything serious on the airplane. People kind of chuckle when I say that I go to the bookstore and look for anything pink, but that's exactly what I do!

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