Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twelve Days of Giving

Okay, so my parents have been bugging me about writing about gift books on my blog. And I wasn't going to do it because so many people already do it so well (MotherReader, I'm lookin' at you). But then Colleen thought up the 2008 Holiday Season Book Recommendation Event, so I present to you Twelve Days of Giving!

Starting December 1 and continuing for 12 days, I'll be posting about great books to give this holiday season. I'll update this post with links to all my gift book posts, so bookmark it and keep checking back!

December 1 - From Book to Screen
Got a movie buff on your holiday gift list this year? Here are some ideas of books and movies to pair and give to kids of all ages!

December 2 - Books for Babies and Toddlers
Giving books as gifts is a great way to get baby started on the road to reading. These are some of my favorite picks for the very young.

December 3 - Mad Science
Do you know a budding scientist interested in everything from asteroids to zygotes? Check out some of my favorite nonfiction science books for young readers.

December 4 - Stories to Share
Are you buying gifts for a preschooler this year? These are some of my favorite books to read aloud. Pick out a book and give it with a promise to read it together.

December 5 - Cha-Cha-Chapter Books
Transitional chapter books can be hard to pick out among the masses of books on the bookstore shelves. These are some of my favorite picks for kids who have graduated from beginning readers and are just starting to read chapter books.

December 6 - Books for Twilighters
Do you know a teen (or adult) who's read all the Twilight books multiple times? Try these Twilight readalikes!

December 7 - Cook up a Good Story
The holiday season is a great time to get together and whip up some treats with a special child in your life. Pair a children's cookbook with a related book to read together after you eat the treats you make.

December 8 - Did You Know?
Know a kid who can't get enough of the Guinness World Records? These are some of my favorite fact-filled non-fiction books for kids.

December 9 - When I Was Your Age
Shopping for a history buff this holiday season? Check out some of my favorite titles for kids who love history. You won't find any dry textbooks here!

December 10 - Big, Thick Books
Is there a voracious reader on your list? Here are some of my favorite big, thick books for kids to really sink their teeth into.

December 11 - Big Kids Read Picture Books, Too!
If you think picture books are only for preschoolers, let me show you some of my favorite picture books for older readers. These are great books to share over the winter break.

December 12 - A Few of My Favorite Things
I took this opportunity to highlight a few of my favorite books of 2008. Happy holidays!

**I'll be linking to books and products on Amazon, but please consider buying from your local independent bookstore!!