Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Check-In #1

My summer in images (so far):

We're raising butterflies and it is just as easy and engaging as it was last time!

First contribution to our Field Journal:

They started so tiny and then got BIG:

The kids are reading and reading. As of the morning of June 15 (first day for prizes), kids in our county had read 4,809 books. 

We challenged them to read 20,000 books this summer and we're right on track!

Of course, your librarians are reading, too!

Children's books:

And teen books: 

And adult books! 

Also pictured: Howie the cat.

My family book club chose Servants' Hall: A Real Life Upstairs Downstairs Romance by Margaret Powell to read for our July meeting and I am enjoying it. We're all Downton Abbey fans and this book reads pretty much like a season of Downton Abbey, so it's right up our alley and pretty easy reading for summer. 

Life is not quite all butterflies and book clubs. My two teen librarians are leaving for new adventures soon and it's making me feel like this: 

But life goes on! It means some creative new approaches to our programming and we'll manage. 

How is YOUR summer going??