Friday, June 19, 2015

48 HBC: Starting Line

It's time! It's time!! It's time for the 48 Hour Book Challenge, hosted by Pam at I love this weekend and I'm looking forward to delving into some GREAT books this weekend!

It's not too late to join us! You only need to read/blog for twelve hours to be an official participant! You can do it! Head over to the Starting Line post at to sign in. :D

I have a few things going on this weekend - we're spending time with our families on Sunday for Father's Day and we have an appointment for several hours on Saturday, but I'm hoping to be able to read & blog for 20 hours this weekend.

Here's my book pile:

I will not read all of these, but I like to have lots of choices so I can pick up whatever I'm in the mood for. (I also have 90 million other books on my bookshelves, so deviation may occur...!)

Boyfriend Fiance is reading along with me and participating unofficially since he doesn't have a blog (I am a lucky librarian!). Here's his pile (and he also just got a whole set of reference books on mythology, so he may be picking those up, too): 

My time will run from 2:30pm Friday to 2:30pm Sunday (although I will probably have to stop before 2:30pm on Sunday). I will be checking in periodically and posting short reviews (with longer reviews scheduled to post later in the summer). 

Ready... set... go!