Monday, April 13, 2015

Reading Wildly: Sports

This month, we met for our Reading Wildly discussion about sports books. April is a great time for sports since lots of our families are starting baseball and March Madness has just ended. The article that we shared this month was Bringing the Game to Kids: Sports Books 2014 by Sally Lodge (Publishers Weekly, March 14, 2014). We talked about the appeal of sports books, especially books written by sports players and authors who are knowledgeable in the field. We also mentioned that both boys & girls like sports books and not all boys like sports. It's important not to make assumptions!

Here are the books we shared together at our meeting:

We also did a sports month last year, so check out that post for even more suggestions!

Our two teen librarians joined us this month and will hopefully be frequenting our meetings and bringing some teen/tween titles to share. As you can see from this month's list, lots of our titles could fall into that tween range, which is important for both departments to know about!

Next month, we're talking about Science Fiction (Superheroes optional to tie in with our Every Hero Has a Story summer theme). Got any favorite science fiction titles you'd suggest to me???