Monday, December 31, 2012

Reading Resolutions

2012's been quite a reading year! As we wind down the year, many of us start thinking about the year to come. The bookish among us might set some nerdy reading resolutions... but first, we'd have to look at how we did on our resolutions last year. 

Last year, I made three reading/blog-related resolutions: 

1. READ LESS. I am happy to say that I accomplished this goal and that it actually came about very naturally. I have been doing more for ME this year and thinking less about work and this blog, and that's been a welcome and necessary change. So, yes, I read less this year. I blogged less this year. I stressed about work this year. But I've been much happier this year than I have in a long time. 

2. Read at least 20 adult books this year. This one was a fail for me. Part of that is because I moved closer to work and I'm no longer making time for audiobooks. I miss audiobooks, but right now I'm having trouble figuring out where to fit them in. 

3. Blog more about preschool storytimes and librarianship. I feel like I have done that this year and I've loved the results. I'm building a wider network of supportive colleagues and my posts about librarianship and programs tend to get the most feedback and discussion, which is gratifying. 

Now that my staff at the library has stabilized somewhat (we hired both a new teen librarian and a new children's librarian and had a long-time staff member retire from my department), I'm really looking forward to this work year. And I'm looking forward to the reading year, too!

This year, I'm only really going to set one goal: to read at least 20 adult books. I will do a reading goal on GoodReads again (probably 150 books again). I have missed reading adult books and I did not make time for them this year.

Things other than reading have made me happy in 2012 and I am hopeful that will continue. :) 

Did you set any reading goals for 2013?