Sunday, June 10, 2012

#48HBC Wrap-Up

And the 48-Hour Book Challenge draws to a close...

I actually have more time left in my 48 hours, but I have to get up early tomorrow for a 12-hour work day, so I'm not logging any more hours tonight.

All told:

Challenge time logged: 21.75 hours
Books finished: 5
Pages read: 1288
Amount donated to Reading is Fundamental: $25.00

The five books I finished were:

 See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles
Temple Grandin by Sy Montgomery
Laugh With the Moon by Shana Burg

The Letter Q, edited by Sarah Moon
Every Day by David Levithan

My favorite book read for the challenge was Every Day, followed closely by Temple Grandin. I had a huge stack of books to choose from, which really makes a difference as I was able to read what my mood called for at the time. 

My goals this year were a little more modest than in previous years and I think that served me well. I was getting over a cold this weekend, so setting more modest goals allowed me to take it a little bit easy and still get lots of reading done. I read excellent books and I think they have inspired me to make reading and blogging a priority (life's been getting in the way, as of late). Let's cross our fingers and hope that's the case...!

As always, I'm sending a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to Pam at MotherReader for organizing this challenge. It's truly a weekend I look forward to all year and I know she puts a lot of effort into making it fun and organizing everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this wonderful tradition, Pam!

It was a lovely year for the challenge, although it looks like participation was down quite a bit from what it was last year. Ah, well. That'll happen some years. I had a great time. And next year I won't forget to buy Oreos... :)