Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anime Club = Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

At least the kids in my county seem to think so, which is awesome. Picture 31 teens in a library auditorium, dancing around like this:

and you know how my night was. (They had no music, by the way. They just started randomly doing it!)

It's got me thinking: Anime Dance Party. But I'm not sure what the logistics would be for something like that... It may just be too much for the library, but I'm wondering if maybe the YMCA or the Parks Department would partner with us... Just general ideas floating around in my head at the moment. 

One young man came dressed up as L from Death Note and he had a black notebook with him that everyone went crazy for. I'm thinking that next month I might put out supplies for the kids to make their own Death Note notebooks (as long as they don't write MY name in it...). Also next month, as suggested by one of our regulars, we're celebrating Halloween by inviting optional cosplay. (Really, I'm always in favor of costumes, and some of the kids have been wearing them already.)

The kids are NOT into actually watching anime at Anime Club. They prefer to use the time to socialize, talk to their friends, and hang out on the computers. (I bring down a number of laptops for them to use.) And that's absolutely fine with me. :)