Saturday, February 12, 2011

Around the Interwebs

Just a quick one because it is Saturday and I'm kinda dying to get back in bed and finish Wither.

Roger Sutton of Read Roger brought The Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone to my attention.  It's been sitting on my shelf for awhile, though I haven't gotten to it yet.  What do you think it's about?  No, seriously, think about it before you read on.

I thought it was a modern-day story of friendship, growing up, and first boyfriends.  Um.  Yeah, no.  Would you believe it's historical fiction set in World War II?  Did they even make pink sneakers like that in 1941?  How important is historical accuracy on a book cover?  Roger says (in comments on his post)

"I think historical accuracy does matter in cover art, especially when the inaccuracy amounts to blatant and pandering misrepresentation, which I believe is the case here."

Although Best Books for Babies* is gone, Mel has kindly archived their annual lists of great books for little ones.  As she says, board books go out of print pretty quickly, but these lists give you a great idea of what to look for in good books for babies.  If you do baby storytime, check out these lists!

I thought this post from Amanda of Not Just Cute was so interesting that I printed it out for all my staff members at our last department meeting: Praise Junkies Beware.  Basically, praise for kids is better when you're praising their effort, hard work, and accomplishments rather than innate traits ("You're so smart!").  Just something to keep in mind...

And Amanda's got another post that I starred, with Valentine's Day right around the corner.  Whether you love or hate V-Day, why not turn the holiday into a wonderful tradition of sharing books that you love with the people you love?

Speaking of Valentine's Day, check out this quiz at to find out your ideal YA novel boyfriend.  My results were tied between Sam of Shiver and Daniel from Fallen, but since I do NOT do angels, I am going to have to go with Sam.  We'll just get some space heaters or something. :) 

What are you doing on May 2?  No plans?  Hold an Unconference at your library!  May 2, 2011 is National Library Unconference Day.  Check out that post on 8-bit Library for more details. 

If you've got a teen book display for Black History Month, check out this post on The Hub for books to add to it. 

And that's it for me.  Enjoy your Saturday!  Are you curling up with a good book this weekend?  What book?

*I did not know about Best Books for Babies and now it appears I have missed the boat.  Thank goodness for Mel!!!