Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Character, I'm Sorry

(This one goes out to my dear friend Meghan who loves this game. :) 

That's right!  It's time to play Dear Character, I'm Sorry, in which National Novel Writing Month authors write letters apologizing to their characters for the mean and nasty stuff we have to do to them (or just for how bad our writing is).  It's a fun way to get a little glimpse into your fellow novelists' books, without sharing any of the hideous, cliche-ridden writing (I'm speaking only for myself, of course).  And HEY, if you play along, drop me a link in comments and I'll round 'em all up.

Dear Raina,

I'm sorry that I put you in a position of having to choose, but hey, I needed some INNER TURMOIL.  I'm sorry that you have felt uncomfortable for basically the past sixteen years.  And I'm really sorry your heart pounds so often.  I really need to think of a different way to say that.

Dear Meryl, 

I'm sorry for what happened to you because, really, it is truly awful.  HOWEVER, I think there *might* be a cure in book 2 (if I ever write book 2... maybe for your sake I will...)

Dear Elijah, 

I'm sorry that Raina is probably not going to pick you.  You are adorkable and only slightly creepy.  Plus, what a magnificent kiss you guys had...

Dear Luke,

I'M NOT SORRY FOR ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE FABULOUS.  If Raina doesn't pick you, she is a moron.  I just hope you expose your sweet, soulful side and treat her right.  (I am pretty sure you will.)

Dear Jada, 

I'm sorry you don't have a boyfriend!  I might just have to remedy that!

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