Friday, August 6, 2010

Around the interwebs

Hot. It's hottttt. So hot that maybe you don't have the energy to do anything except check out the following links:

It's important for kids to read over the summer - any children's librarian knows that - and the folks at On Our Minds @ Scholastic have a nice collection of links to articles about the "summer slide". Might come in handy for sharing with parents, teachers, and anyone concerned about kids.

I am sad that The Imaginary Librarian is hanging up her cardigan, but I love, love, love this Mario "Game Over" end-of-summer/video game book display.

Jennie of Biblio File celebrates her 30th birthday by blogging about the 30 most influential books in her life. I love seeing what books we have in common and her post's got me thinking about the most influential books in my life, too.

Are you checking out the Mockingjay blog tour?! Not only is it great for getting excited about the August 24th release date, but you can enter to win fabulous prizes! Check out the first stop at Galleysmith.

And speaking of Mockingjay, did you check out SLJ's interview with Suzanne Collins? Awesome sauce!

And Kristin Cashore shares her thoughts about writing scenes with physical intimacy. Working on a steamy scene in your own manuscript? Or just wondering what an author keeps in mind during the writing process? Either way, check it out.

All kids should be so lucky as to have a librarian like Mr. Schu at their school. John spent the summer traveling and, of course, reading! Check out his Animoto video to see all the places he read this summer. I love this video because he's showing the kids how much he values reading.

Reviewer X is back!!!

And on that note, I'm off. Actually, I'm in Atlanta right this very moment and tonight I'll be watching my baby brother graduate with his Master's from Georgia Tech! Have a great weekend!