Friday, March 12, 2010

Around the interwebs

I'm having a brief interlude with World of Warcraft, but I've wakened myself from the gaming stupor long enough to put a few links together...

Obviously, it is never too early for Betsy of A Fuse #8 Production to put together a Newbery/Caldecott prediction list.

What are you doing on April 14 and 15? Mark your calendars for the YALitChat, a Twitter chat featuring such YA superstars as Lisa McMann, Ellen Hopkins, Holly Black, and more! Thanks to @galleysmith for the link.

Travis of 100 Scope Notes has compiled a gallery of book spine poems and it is marvelous. I was too lame to remember to make one, but do check out all the awesome poems there in celebration of Poetry Friday.

Check out the opening ceremony of The Battle of the (Kids) Books! The matches start Monday, so get your brackets filled out! (No, I haven't done mine either...)

Melissa of Book Nut has a great post about helping your kids to develop a love of reading (whether they're precocious or not).

And we all love process. Take a look at this video about book cover design. Who knew they used so many photos to make one cover?!

Thanks to Jacket Whys for the link.

And on that note, I'm going back to my video game. :)