Friday, September 4, 2009

Around the interwebs

October 8 is Jumpstart's fourth annual Read for the Record event. Their book this year is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and you can enter to win a signed copy by pledging to read it aloud with preschoolers on October 8. Head on over to their website for more details.

Read Roger's talking about the length of YA novels compared to the page numbers 30 years ago. Average number of pages in 1979? 151. Average number of pages in 2009? 337. (There's more to it than that, click over there to read. Also, interesting comments.)

THE INTERN's posting some Craigslist queries. Is it just me or does that post really make you want to make up some fake queries and post them on Craigslist?

The Almost Librarian (a former library patron of mine! Er... a patron at my former library) points us to the second edition of Literacy Lava, a free ezine with literacy tips for parents and caregivers.

If you're in the Chicagoland area, you will not want to miss Anderson's Bookshop's 6th Annual YA Literature Conference. J and I went last year and it was fabbity fab - big enough to attract some substantial authors but small enough that it felt intimate. Totally worth the price and I'm driving up for it from Kentucky this year, so you can tell it's got my endorsement. The event will be on Saturday, September 26 and costs $95.00. Registration forms are now posted on their website or you can call to register.

Speaking of conferences, I again urge you to attend the KidLitosphere Conference on Saturday, October 17 in Washington DC. I am ridiculously excited about it. Check out Pam's list of some of the bloggers and authors that will be attending and get ridiculously excited with me!


Kelly Jensen said...

Maybe I'll meet you at the Anderson's event - I'm very excited!

Jenn M. said...

Thanks for sharing. I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to preschoolers daily! :) I run a preschool out of my home and I cannot get through a day without reading my beat-up giant boardbook copy!

Even the toddlers I care for know the words!

Miss Red said...

what a great blog =)
i used to tutor and read to younger kids, but now i'm leaving for college in a few days - i hope i can find something similar up in the very small town of hanover, nh!
have you ever read 'the things they carried'? its absolutely beautiful. hope all is well with you!