Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Debut YA Cover

Travis over at 100 Scope Notes invites us to create our own debut YA book cover. Check out his post to find out how.

And here's mine:

Blurb: After Anita's best friend Rayleigh suddenly grows boobs, starts getting attention from cute boys, and ditches Anita to hang out with the cool kids, Anita's parents send her to summer cooking school. Anita knows her parents are only sending her away because they're getting a divorce and she's determined not to enjoy a minute of it, especially when she finds out her roommate is Joanie, the school nerd. But when the smoldering Dexter becomes her cooking partner and Anita learns to look beyond first appearances, this summer might turn out to be her best yet! Bon appetit!

Tagline: This summer romance will WHISK you away!

What do you think? Should I write this story for my novel in November? ;)