Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day in the Life of a Children's Librarian

8:30a - Arrive at work, turn computers on, etc. Check email.

8:45a - Set up story room for a class visit.

9:00a - On desk, wait for class to arrive. Look through storytime database to find felts for storytime.

9:15a - Class arrives, do booktalks. This class is a special ed class from one of the local middle schools and they come once a month for booktalks and to check out books.

9:30a - Class looks for books and I help them find things.

10:00a - Class leaves, clean up the room and talk to coworker about storytime. We get our books together, go over the stories and felts, pull browsing books.

10:30a - In office, check email.

10:55a - Open the doors for storytime - we have a big crowd today!

11:00a - Storytime. We read the following books: I Ain't Gonna Paint No More (sung), Who's in the Tub, I've Been Working on the Railroad (sung), and Leo the Late Bloomer, plus we did a felt story of The Cake That Mack Ate and sang Old MacDonald Had a Farm with puppets.

11:30a - Storytime's over, let everyone out. Clean up room.

11:45a - Meet with boss about our website.

11:55a - Lunch time! A new Jimmy John's opened up down the street, so a couple of us head down there. Yum!

1:00p -3:00p - Back from lunch and on desk. Between questions I work on my collection development list. Here's a sampling of questions I'm asked:

Can you give me info about this program that I missed?
Who wrote the books in this series?
I need to request a book to be checked out on a teacher card.
What order do the books in this series go in?

3:00p - Off desk, head down to circ to solve school loan bag mystery. (It has since been solved.)

3:30p - Work on some preschool loans.

4:00p - On desk again.

Can you put these two books on hold for me?
Can I register for this program?
Do you have nonfiction books on this topic?
Can you help me with this computer program?
Do you have this CD-ROM?

5:00p - Time to head home!