Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am in the middle of several great novels and I honestly can't decide which one I want to finish first.

On the one hand, I started Envy this week and I'm loooving it. I kind of rushed through Rumors for the 48-Hour Book Challenge, so I wanted to make sure and take my time with this one. I'm completely caught up in the adventures of Penelope, Elizabeth, Henry, Diana, and Carolina.

Then, also this week I started Ways to Live Forever, which I am also really enjoying. It comes highly recommended from coworker J.

And then the lovely and talented Sarah of GreenBeanTeenQueen (best name for a blog ever) graciously sent me an ARC of Starclimber, which I really want to finish before the book comes out on Tuesday. It makes me feel special to read books before they are generally available. And I started it (because even though I was already in the middle of two books, how could I not?!?!) and it is awesome and I love it. (Thank you, thank you, Sarah!!)

And what I should be reading is Enemy Women for the first meeting of my book club on Tuesday. But I have to confess that I started it and even though it was one of the books I suggested we read, it's just not really doing anything for me. I really dislike the no-quotation-marks thing. But maybe I am just not literary enough. Or something.

And what am I doing to alleviate the situation? Am I curled up reading my little eyes out? No, I'm blogging.


(PS: Blog post about Anderson's Children's Literature Breakfast will be up tomorrow! Stay tuned!)