Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am in the middle of several great novels and I honestly can't decide which one I want to finish first.

On the one hand, I started Envy this week and I'm loooving it. I kind of rushed through Rumors for the 48-Hour Book Challenge, so I wanted to make sure and take my time with this one. I'm completely caught up in the adventures of Penelope, Elizabeth, Henry, Diana, and Carolina.

Then, also this week I started Ways to Live Forever, which I am also really enjoying. It comes highly recommended from coworker J.

And then the lovely and talented Sarah of GreenBeanTeenQueen (best name for a blog ever) graciously sent me an ARC of Starclimber, which I really want to finish before the book comes out on Tuesday. It makes me feel special to read books before they are generally available. And I started it (because even though I was already in the middle of two books, how could I not?!?!) and it is awesome and I love it. (Thank you, thank you, Sarah!!)

And what I should be reading is Enemy Women for the first meeting of my book club on Tuesday. But I have to confess that I started it and even though it was one of the books I suggested we read, it's just not really doing anything for me. I really dislike the no-quotation-marks thing. But maybe I am just not literary enough. Or something.

And what am I doing to alleviate the situation? Am I curled up reading my little eyes out? No, I'm blogging.


(PS: Blog post about Anderson's Children's Literature Breakfast will be up tomorrow! Stay tuned!)


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for Starclimber! Glad to hear that you're loving it.

Meg89 said...

I'm so loving the cover of Envy

Jordyn said...

Read Envy!! I haven't been able to get a copy of it yet but I can't wait until I do - the first two books were SO GOOD.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

You are welcome-I was just thinking about that book and hoped you got it! I just got Envy today and am really trying to finish my other books first before I start that one!:)