Sunday, June 1, 2008

And we're off...

Deep breaths, everyone.

My library's Summer Reading Club starts tomorrow. It's a day we've been planning for since shortly after the end of last summer. We've been to eight elementary schools in our district, seven preschools, and one middle school talking to students about the club and about our programs this summer. We've designed clubs and folders for kids of all ages. Our adult services department has been busy developing the high school and adult clubs. We've all been planning, scheduling, and ordering supplies for our programs.

I think we're ready.

We'd better be ready. Because ready or not, June 2nd is coming...!

Look for updates on our programs and reading clubs as the summer progresses. There are several things I'm particularly looking forward to, including a High School Musical 2 singalong, a redesign-a-book-cover art contest, and a giant Lego train set that will be filling our entire meeting room for a weekend in July.

Happy Summer Reading, everyone!