Friday, November 16, 2007

And After School Adventures draws to a close...

This week was our last week of registered storytime. It's a bit of a relief because it's a lot of work to do so many programs each week. We're definitely ready for a break. But I already miss our After School Adventures kids, so I thought I would show off our work.

Last week we made these pumpkin spice decorations. They needed a week to dry and then this week we helped the kids put the ribbons on and they got to take them home. They turned out rather well if you ask me:

These are samples of some of the best ones. They smell really good and one kid really liked to poke holes. :) The craft was kind of a pain to do because the dough didn't set up like it was supposed to, but the end product turned out well and I suppose it was worth it.

Another thing we have to commemorate the end of fall storytime is our storytime poster. Our graphic artist designed the poster and the kids each decorated an Ellison shape to glue on the poster:

Please note the flying pumpkin in the top left corner. Heee.

Tomorrow is the Jim Gill concert. Color me excited!