Friday, March 26, 2010

Poetry Friday: Ocean Soup

Ocean Soup: Tide-Pool Poems by Stephen R. Swinburne, illustrated by Mary Peterson. (Grades 2-5.) Charlesbridge, February 2010. Review copy provided by publisher.

If a starfish interviewed an octopus, what questions would it ask? Do mussels ever get sick of living so close together? And what the heck is a "gastropod", anyway? In Ocean Soup: Tide-Pool Poems we'll hear from all these creatures and many more. Bright illustrations of tide-pool creatures, complete with anthropomorphic expressions, accompany the lively poems in this seaside collection.

Some of the poems worked better than others for me, but overall this is a good collection. And it fits in perfectly with this summer's collaborative Summer Reading theme.

My favorite of the poems is probably Hairy Doris. Here's a snippet:

Hello, my name is Doris.
I'm a shell-less gastropod, 
but you can call me "sea slug,"
if gastropod sounds odd. 

Don't you think I'm gorgeous? 
With my raspy tongue I scrape
for bits of healthy food to eat. 
A slug must watch her shape.

This is an example, too, of how Steve Swinburne incorporates facts into each poem. Also, a short blurb accompanies each poem giving a few more facts about the animal in question.

Steve talks about the inspiration behind Ocean Soup over at Unabridged, the Charlesbridge blog.

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