Friday, March 5, 2010

Around the interwebs

Let's see... what's been going on around the interwebs this week?

SLJ's Battle of the Kids Books launched its new site this week and you can find the brackets there. If you're interested in keeping score, What We Read and What We Think is running a contest. The winner with the most correct predictions will, of course, get major bragging rights.

Did you check out our first AudioSynced Roundup????? Go check out the audiobook reviews and news Kelly collected for our first edition of AudioSynced. And never fear, I'll be hosting another roundup on April 1, so make sure you post about audiobooks this month! :)

Travis at 100 Scope Notes is compiling a gallery of book spine poems. Check out the one he made and then make your own to join in the fun!

Sarah, a YA author and blogger at Sarah's Scribbles, ran into a troubling policy when visiting the Orlando Public Library recently. She writes:

...imagine my surprise when I went to the main branch of the OCLS Library today ... and was told that I had to have a librarian escort to so much as *look* at the YA books there.
 She wrote and email and blogged about the response she received. While I can accept that this policy was developed with the safety of teens and children in mind, my professional librarian opinion is that restricting access to part of your collection is never a great idea. (And yes, I do think this policy restricts access - Sarah cared enough to continue on and find her books with someone staring over her shoulder. Imagine how many people don't bother. I probably wouldn't bother.) Furthermore, if teen safety is such a concern, I think there are better ways to ensure it (starting with hiring a YA librarian to staff the area). Thanks to @catagator for the link.

On a lighter note, check out My Favorite Book is Facebook: Kids' Classics Updated for the MySpace Generation. I have to say that my favorite is Wikipedia Brown. Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the link.

Laurie Halse Anderson starts her foray into vlogging! (I agree with her - I'm not crazy about the term "vlog".) She is hilarious. And awesome. I hope she keeps it up.

Anna, a teen librarian and blogger at Y Shush?, shares a day in the life of a teen librarian. I love reading about people's days!

The new Alice in Wonderland movie is in theaters today! My library's hosting a Wonderland Tea Party tomorrow and if you're thinking of doing an Alice program, you'll want to check out The Imaginary Librarian's Mad Hatter hat craft.

Sophie Blackall, cover illustrator of the fabulous When You Reach Me, shared some of the alternative ideas for the cover. Yeah, that was awhile ago, but Fuse #8 pointed me to the link in the latest installment of her fabulous Top 100 Children's Novels poll (you are following that, right?). 

And one more video will round out this week's links. I love learning about process and Behind the Mic: Graceling is right up my alley.

Thanks to Reading with My Ears for the link.

And that's all I've got for you this week! Have a great weekend, everyone.