Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Evening Shift in the Life of a Children's Librarian

12:50p - Arrive at work. Greet coworkers, put things away, change my shoes (there is snow EVERYWHERE!).

1:00p - Check email, check staff blog.

1:13p - Work on evaluating damaged books. We're each responsible for certain sections of books and when books are damaged, we evaluate them to determine if we can fix them, if we want to replace them, or if we want to withdraw them. The funniest "damaged" book I ever got had the following note on the damaged slip: "Cheese in pocket." I opened it up and sure enough there was a small piece of American cheese in the pocket. :)

1:57p - Take a stack of damaged books to our Technical Services department to be withdrawn or fixed.

2:00p - Attend training on the Evanced online summer reading module. We're going to use it this summer and it's going to be really interesting to see what happens since it's very different from what we've done in the past. The training is a webinar, which is like a conference call but with an internet screen on a projector so that all the participants can see what the trainer is showing you online. A librarian from Adult Services covers our desk so that everyone in the department can attend.

3:00p - Training is over so I head back to the office where I sort through my files and get rid of a huge stack of papers that I no longer need. I get about halfway through my files when...

3:30p - I meet with a representative from an audiobook vendor. The previous rep was promoted, so this is a chance for me to meet with the new guy. I talk to him about our needs and he talks to me about how they can meet those needs.

4:00p - Back to my desk to continue organizing files.

4:25p - Take another stack of damaged books to Technical Services on my way to lunch.

4:30p - Lunch break!

5:00-9:00p - I'm on desk. I generally work Thursday nights and they're generally pretty slow. Tonight was no exception, so I work on some audiobook kit weeding and my "missing" list. Every so often we get a printed list of items in our sections that have a "missing" status. That means that we've looked for them on the shelf and they were not there. When we get a missing list, we look for the item one last time and if it's not there we decide whether to replace it or to withdraw the record from the catalog.

I also grab Clementine from the shelf and start reading through it a little bit. In a couple of weeks I'll be reading this title to a group of kids at a local school on their lunch time.

8:50p - We start shutting down the games computers and let everyone know we're closing. We help them find any last thing they're looking for and make sure everyone's downstairs before shutting everything down.

9:00p - The library's closed! Time to go home and watch The Office and 30 Rock!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the cheese made me laugh. We once had a book returned that was full of ants. You really just never know with the public.

Anonymous said...

Re: cheese *shudder* It's almost as bad as the infamous mythical bacon bookmark!

Re: Evanced, I'll be interested to hear how that goes. We've talked about it periodically but I think we're leaning toward keeping paper records again this year.

Unknown said...

You read to kids during their lunch? That is so cool. How does that program work? What age group? How long do you get to read?

Abby said...

KB, yeah, we've done this program (we call it Literacy Lunch) a couple of times last year at different elementary schools. Last year we did the program for 4th and 5th graders and they would bring their lunch to the school library to eat while one of us read. Lunch times varied from school to school and was usually between 20-40 minutes a day. Kids signed up to participate and the groups were between 15-25 kids. I've got more details in this post:


And I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you really get cheese? We did too! Except it was being used as a bookmark. What a weird trend.