Monday, January 12, 2009

Delurking Week Extended!

An official decree from MotherReader:

It seems that National Delurking Week caught everyone off guard, and that’s a shame because it’s a great chance to meet some of your less comment-prone readers. So I’m extending it to this week. Yeah, who’s going to stop me? The Delurking Police? I think not.

So, with my pretty little graphic borrowed from Asymptotia (from Delurking Week 2007), I'm extending National Delurking Week also. :)

I got many nice comments last week and it really means a lot to me that y'all said hello. :) So, in case you didn't get a chance last week, I hereby invite you to continue the delurkation and leave me a comment. I enjoy hearing about your favorite books or you could also let me know where you're from or how you found this blog. Or what you love most about ME. (Kidding, kidding... kind of...)

Seriously, a blog's not that much fun if no one but the author reads it. So thank you, thank you for tuning in. And I promise that now that my part of the 2008 Cybils is over I will post something other than book reviews once in a while... ;)