Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Love My Library Display

In February, we welcomed our new library director (hurrah!!!!) and to celebrate that and also to tie in with the theme of love and Library Lover's Month, I asked our amazing marketing department to design a display where we could show off what patrons love about their library.

We have a bulletin board in the back hallway that many people see as they enter the library from our back parking lot. Marketing designed these awesome pastel hearts to look like the candy hearts you often see in February. 

We put out pastel hearts at each of our public service desks and allowed patrons to fill them out. Staff added them to the display throughout the month. We utilized volunteers to cut out the hearts as much as possible, although our marketing folks definitely cut out a bunch. I think it would have looked just as nice to have the heart outlines on half sheets of paper and skip the cutting, or of course you could use a die cut if you have a large shape die.

This was not only a fun way to have an interactive display, it was a great way to show our new director some of the reasons our patrons use our library. 

I am particularly proud of this one; this is something we work on constantly.

It was also a great way to give staff a pat on the back and show them that patrons appreciate what they are doing. It definitely made me feel great to walk in every morning and see cheery notes from our patrons. 

And this one was my favorite because it is so, so true: