Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Reading Club (Week 4)

Whew. Another week of programs, another week down!

This week, our sign-ups have finally started to slow down (for the past three weeks I think we've been averaging about 100 sign-ups a day with some days spiking to nearly 200). We've also had lots of kids finishing and collecting their prizes. I love talking to the kids about the books that they really enjoyed and recommending other books for them to try!

Last year, one of our librarians put together book lists of recommended reads for each grade and these are especially helpful in the summer when we have a lot going on. I can hand a 3rd grade book list to a parent and get them started looking through it and then check back on them when the line at the reference desk goes down. I make sure to let the parents know that every child's reading level is going to be different, so what we call the "third grade book list" might be appropriate for their 1st or 2nd grader or even their 4th or 5th grader.

This summer, I really wanted to have drop-in programs every week for all ages so that every week there would be something a family could come to, even if they didn't register in advance. Our registered programs almost always fill up early and have waiting lists in the summer and while we do our very best to make sure we don't turn people away, sometimes we have to.

At our library, I can generally count on about a third of registered kids to not show up, even after making reminder calls and getting confirmations. We almost always have a few extra spaces and can accommodate kids who show up but hadn't signed up or kids on the waitlist. However, I always tell the parents of waitlisted kids that they know their kids the best and if their child is going to be crushed if they come and we don't have room for them, they probably shouldn't risk it.

In addition to our drop-in programs (movie Monday, storytimes, and Open Art Studio), we hosted a Fruishi program about Japan (making fruit sushi), a book discussion on Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins, and tomorrow we're having an African Drumming workshop put on by a local professor/musician. Not all of our programs this summer are centered around the One World, Many Stories theme, but this week happens to be a heavily international programming week!

It's been a good, busy week, and we're almost halfway through Summer Reading Club. :)

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How's your summer going?