Sunday, June 5, 2011

#48HBC: Rainbow Boys

Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez. Grades 9+ Simon & Schuster, 2001. 233 pages. Reviewed from purchased copy.

Kyle's always known he was gay, but he's not out yet, terrified about what his parents will think and what he'll have to face at school. Better to hide behind his best friend Nelson and dream about the sports star Jason from afar...

Nelson is out and proud and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Except he really cares what Kyle thinks because Nelson just might be in love with him...

Jason knows he's not gay because he has a girlfriend and they have sex. But then why does he think about guys sometimes? And how would he deal if anyone ever found out?

Told in alternating perspectives, Rainbow Boys is the story of three very different guys coming to terms with their sexuality.

What I love about this story is that we have three guys with very different situations trying to figure out their feelings and how to fit in at the same school. Nelson's mom is extremely supportive, vice-president of the local PFLAG chapter. Jason's dad is an alcoholic who flies into a rage at the very thought of anyone gay coming into his house.

And besides being a story about coming out and dealing with homosexuality, this is a story about a love triangle. It's a story about first times, crushes, and new love. The way Kyle feels about Jason - hyperaware of where he is at all times, tongue-tied whenever they get a chance to talk - is something that a lot of teens (gay or straight) can identify with. Likewise, Nelson's growing feelings for his best friend with strike a chord with many readers. So, yeah, this is a story about gay boys, but readers will find that they're going through a lot of the same things as straight kids.

I'm glad I finally picked up this book and I'm really excited to meet Alex Sanchez in a couple of months and hear what he has to say!

Update on the 48-Hour Book Challenge

I'm starting to close in on my time with just about 6.5 hours to go until my deadline.

Time spent reading: 19.75 hours
Time spent blogging: 3 hours
Time spent social networking: 2.75 hours
Total challenge hours logged: 25.5 hours

Books completed: 5
Pages read: 1679

If you've crossed your finish line, congratulations! If you're still going, keep up the good work!!