Saturday, June 18, 2011

Around the Interwebs

The blog's gonna be relatively quiet next week whilst I prepare for and attend the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans (are you going? Make sure you stop by the Emerging Leaders Poster Session to check out some seriously awesome projects, including mine!). So here's some reading material for ya...

Check out the first roundup of the Light and Round Project! This is a seriously awesome list of YA books that the opposite of dark and edgy (light and round, get it?). This project was created in response to that terrible WSJ article (you know the one I'm talkin' 'bout). Check it out and help spread the word!

Fourth of July's coming up... what to do for storytime? That is a TOUGH one, but Mel's got some great Fourth of July storytime ideas!

Over at Not Just Cute, Amanda shares some ideas for expanding some of her kids' favorite books. She shares some great ideas for parents reading aloud with kids and possibly for libraries, too/

Jen Robinson of Jen Robinson's Book Page has a post up at PBS Parents with tips on encouraging your kids to read over the summer. I love to see this since I'm all about encouraging kids to read in the summer.

Don't forget that SYNC starts Thursday, June 23 with their first audiobook giveaways! Download one for your summer road trip or use this as an excuse to finally give audiobooks a try!