Saturday, June 26, 2010

Halfway through. That is all.

I'll just take a moment here to celebrate the fact that we're halfway through our Summer Reading Club. Five weeks down, five weeks to go!

Attendance at our programs has been crazy... I mean, crazy in a good way. We decided to open up a second weekly session of Toddler Time after we had one week with 25 two-and-three-year-olds. Depending on the numbers this week, I may open up a second weekly session of Mother Goose on the Loose (last week I had 20 babies).

We're light on programming next week with just our drop-in storytimes going on. We'll start registration for July programs on Monday and steel ourselves for another round. Next month we have a Percy Jackson party, we're showing the Percy Jackson movie, we have a mad scientist coming, I'm doing a Snowing in July program, and lots more! It's exhausting, but fun. :)

How's your summer going?